Deer Galleon

Deer Galleon, the second brand from MTE INTERNATIONAL, is designed for cocktail enthusiasts and those who love to experiment. Unlike Oracle Spirits, Deer Galleon offers a more affordable range of products with a unique twist, allowing for the discovery of new flavors and experiences. It's the perfect brand for those who enjoy mixing and creating unique cocktails.

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One of Deer Galleon's main attractions is its diversity. The range includes spirits like South African rum, renowned for its exotic character and distinctive notes. These products provide an ideal base for cocktails, allowing mixologists and enthusiasts to create drinks that surprise and delight. The flexibility of Deer Galleon makes it an excellent option for cocktail bars, gatherings with friends, or events where creativity is encouraged.

Deer galleon : an open and relaxed approach

Deer Galleon is also a great choice for customers who want to explore spirits without breaking the bank. With its affordable pricing, you can experiment with various cocktails without worrying about cost. This open and relaxed approach aligns well with the spirit of Deer Galleon, which values originality and the freedom to create.

Creativity and sharing

The Deer Galleon products aren't limited to rum. The range also includes other spirits like whiskey and brandy, each with its unique flavor profile. This means you have a wide variety of options for your cocktails, from timeless classics to modern creations.

At MTE INTERNATIONAL, we are proud to offer Deer Galleon as a brand that promotes creativity and sharing.

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