Our brands

Welcome to MTE INTERNATIONAL, your preferred destination for top-quality spirits. We are proud to offer you two distinct brands, each with its own character and unique style, to satisfy the preferences of all our customers. Here is a presentation of our brands, Oracle Spirits and Deer Galleon, which illustrate our commitment to diversity and excellence.

At MTE INTERNATIONAL, we believe that each product should offer a unique experience, which is why we are proud to offer you two distinct brands, each with its own character and style, to satisfy the preferences of all our customers.

Two Brands, Two Universes : Oracle Spirits and Knights of the King

Know-How and Passion Distilled in Every Drop

Our mission is to offer you spirits that not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. With Oracle Spirits, we have focused on premium, high-end spirits carefully designed for those who seek quality and accessibility.

On the other hand, Deer Galleon brings a more relaxed and affordable approach, ideal for cocktail lovers and experimentation. These two brands reflect our commitment to diversity, offering a wide range of products for all tastes and all occasions.

Our commitment to excellence is not limited to our products. At MTE INTERNATIONAL, we strive to create an unparalleled customer experience. Whether you are a professional in the sector or a passionate amateur, we want you to find products that inspire you with us. With Oracle Spirits and Deer Galleon, we offer brands that adapt to all your desires. Oracle Spirits and Deer Galleon form a complete range that reflects our commitment to quality, diversity, and excellence.

Oracle Spirits, MTE INTERNATIONAL's flagship brand, embodies the essence of premium. We created Oracle Spirits to meet the expectations of lovers of superior quality spirits, seeking both elegance and accessibility. Each product in this range is carefully designed, using top quality ingredients and precise manufacturing techniques to guarantee an exceptional tasting experience.

Deer Galleon, the second brand of MTE INTERNATIONAL, is designed for lovers of cocktails and experimentation. Unlike Oracle Spirits, Deer Galleon offers an even more affordable range of products, but with a touch of originality that allows you to discover new flavors and new experiences. It is the perfect brand for those who like to play with mixtures and create unique cocktails.


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