Oracle Cognac EXTRA
Cognac 42° - 70cl - France
Oracle Cognac EXTRA
Oracle Cognac EXTRA
Oracle Cognac EXTRA
Oracle Cognac EXTRA

Oracle Cognac EXTRA

Cognac 42° - 70cl - France

Experience the Pinnacle of Cognac Excellence with Oracle EXTRA

Crafted with meticulous care and a deep understanding of the Grande Champagne terroir, Oracle Cognac EXTRA embodies the essence of the finest eaux-de-vie. Aged for decades in oak barrels, this distinguished cognac reveals a breathtaking symphony of rich and complex flavours.

Tasting Notes :

Appearance : Deep hue with mahogany glints.

Nose : A captivating bouquet of ripe fruits, rancio charentais, and delicate floral notes.

Palate : A velvety texture envelops the palate, showcasing layers of fruit, spice, tobacco, leather, and walnuts.

Finish : Exceptionally long, with lingering notes of creamy vanilla and spices.

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A Testament to Cognac Mastery

Quintessential Grande Champagne : Sourced from the most prestigious terroir, renowned for producing the finest eaux-de-vie.

Decades of Aging : Patiently aged in oak barrels for an unparalleled depth of flavour and complexity.

Artful Blending : Meticulously crafted by a master blender to achieve perfect harmony.

Unparalleled Luxury : Presented in a bottle that exudes elegance and sophistication.

Oracle Cognac EXTRA: A Testament to Time and Tradition

Oracle Cognac EXTRA is not simply a beverage; it is an immersive experience, a testament to the unparalleled craftsmanship found in the heart of the Grande Champagne region. This cognac embodies the finest expressions of this renowned terroir, where the unique soil composition and exceptional climate create eaux-de-vie of unparalleled elegance and finesse.

The Art of Aging

Each drop of Oracle EXTRA holds within it the whispers of decades spent in Limousin oak barrels. With every passing year, the raw spirit transforms, mellowing, and developing its extraordinary depth and complexity. It is this deliberate passage of time that allows the cognac to mature into a masterpiece, showcasing the mastery of our cellar masters.

An Aromatic Tapestry

Upon lifting the glass, you are greeted by a symphony of aromas. Ripe fruits plums, apricots, and figs mingle with the characteristic rancio charentais notes, evocative of old leather, tobacco, and candied fruit. Delicate floral whispers of jasmine and acacia lend a subtle sweetness, adding an ethereal dimension to the bouquet.

The Taste of Luxury

The first sip is an opulent experience. A velvety texture coats the palate, revealing layers of flavour that unfold with tantalizing complexity. The initial fruity sweetness gives way to hints of warm spice, nutmeg and cinnamon, followed by rich notes of toasted walnuts, roasted coffee, and a whisper of dark chocolate. The finish lingers for what seems like an eternity, leaving a final impression of creamy vanilla, dried fruit, and a gentle touch of oak.

A Legacy in a Bottle

Oracle Cognac EXTRA is a testament to both tradition and innovation. It is a blend of carefully selected eaux-de-vie, each with its own unique story, expertly orchestrated to create a harmonious and unforgettable experience. Every sip reveals the dedication, passion, and unwavering pursuit of excellence that defines the spirit of Cognac.

For the True Connoisseur

This cognac is a treasure reserved for the discerning palate. It is meant to be savoured slowly, and contemplatively. Whether enjoyed neat in a tulip glass or as the heart of a truly elevated cocktail, Oracle EXTRA is a transcendent sensory experience, a celebration of the finest that Cognac has to offer.

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